Hello and welcome to Mountain View Vital Medicine!  

My name is Dr. Jason Kinley and do I have a true story for you.  


I began my journey in Ohio where I was born.  I was often ill and over prescribed pharmaceuticals.  I moved around a lot as a child and have resided in the states of Ohio, Georgia, Michigan, Montana, and Washington.  Even with all of this moving, being over medicated was still a concern in every state. 

      I was a very active child and played sports which included baseball, soccer (into the collegiate level,) racing motorcycles, racing bicycles, running track, and playing hockey.  I still had my own health challenges, but I just went along without anyone really listening to my story.

      One day my life changed, I had a car wreck and a traumatic brain injury also known as a TBI.  During the process of healing (which took me around 2-2.5 years,) I started to seek other options for my health care.  This led me to adjunctive care with a naturopathic doctor and other medical personal that he referred me to. 

       During this time period I got married and had my first two children.   We then moved to Washington and had two more children.  After seeing how naturopathic medicine helped me, my wife encouraged me to become a doctor as well.   We now have a loving household with seven wonderful children. 

                     I love to walk with my patients on their individual journeys, wherever their paths may lead.  I am able to use physical medicine for those bumps in the road, guidance when the road forks, food, herbs, and sometimes medication when the body needs a little help.

       Now that you have read some of my story, I would love to hear yours.  


Eat well, live better, smile more!

      Dr. Jason Kinley

I wish the other doctors I’ve seen in the past were as caring, compassionate and thorough as Dr. Kinley! After a set back to my post-partum healing, Dr. Kinley has set me on the path to a speedy recovery :-) I HIGHLY recommend Mountain View Vital Medicine. Plus, he does house calls! How many doctors do that?!
— Patient of Mountain View Vital Medicine